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Great product.

Excellent product looking forward to utilizing it. Company is known for great products.

Testosterone Booster
Paul Kahkola
Love it

Been using this product for the last 6 months and can notice my new found all day energy level. Highly recommend it!

Testosterone Booster
Robert Hebert

Testosterone Booster

Great product

I love the product !
I have the energy and stamina to make it through even the hardest days.
I will continue to purchase in the future!


The double dragon testostersone booster is great

Excellent choice and felt a major difference in circulation.

It was great! I love the extra boost of energy it gives.

It works well enough.

Excited about lowering blood pressure

It seem to work.

It was very beneficial.

Just started using it

Just started taking it

Working really great! Lowered my b/p and cut my b/p meds down to also most off of them.

i am 52 , i had experience with nitric oxide before , but this one really different it does what is it for with 5 stars .

I like the product and it seems to enhance my pump after workouts.

just started taking it....give u an update soon!

"thumbs up"

thumbs up on the nitric

2 Capsules

I take 2 30 minutes before my workouts and got good overall quality of my workouts.

Used all of it

I didnt stop using it and I took every day at the same time. A week in I got more energy and got tired less quickly.